Trading Youth For Experience

Many people do it. We all trade youth for experience, and through trial, problem and momentary failure, we finally succeed or complete away with regret dreaming that we had became popular. All of us are consciousness and energy though, so you can an opportunity even if that energy changes into something different. Formerly, My spouse and i also was going to write this post as a simple treatise on winning and losing, but it is turning into something different totally.

Because the almost all of us and the most detrimental individuals has time spread all of us in an advance, there is little or little or nothing inevitable with change as a sole exception and more change and time always moving forward, even if we “could effectively resume the past”, we really cannot, because we have experience reality from a different energy point.

So, no matter what, we trade innocence for experience and youth for understanding, and however much we “want to go home again, we cannot”.

For example: My Mommy had this experience where she went back to where she grew up in Chicago, Illinois quite a few years again when my Grandmother was alive and realized this fact while browsing the yard at the house of my Grandmother. That had been at this point when the girl was telling the accounts that I understood this fact fully without dilemma: We all trade inside our innocence for experience and understanding, we can either just succeed or totally choose to the innocence again.

Reality will depend upon winning or dropping whatever the case. The best those who win use their failures as experience. Even though the worst time wasters get “lucky” or blessed with no experience determined or the work at the trunk of it all.

Everybody, relatively, may wish to win in a blessed way with little hard work, understanding or work, would they not? But repeated winning in an interesting way with effort, understanding and work is much better. In the end, the approximation of getting without effort, understanding or work is a lot like a medicine addict looking to achieve that first high again they experienced when they began using drugs. It never happens quite the same. Therefore, I actually will rephrase that first part about “we all do it”: The best individuals trade innocence for experience to repeatedly get. In the end, my father acquired a story about “the man who wanted in a single hands and traveled to the toilet on the other side, and which hand acquired filled first. ” That brings myself to my point: Many of us must control inexperience for understanding to really succeed.

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