Spanish Students Learning English – Typical Problems

Spanish is a piece of the Indo-European family, Latin based and firmly identified with Portuguese and Italian. It is talked by more than 400 million individuals, primarily in Spain, Latin America and the U.S.A. It is a phonetic dialect.

Spanish comprises of 26 letters, the same as the English letters in order. In any case, notwithstanding the 26 letters, there is an extra (ñ ) too three digraphs, ( ll ), ( rr ) and ( ch).

(n = en-ne) ( ñ = en-ye ) ( ll = elle/ey-yahoo ) ( rr = erre – moved voiced r ) ( cc ) ( ch = chay or sh ).

English has five twofold letter mixes, though Spanish, just has three and hence, this can make some disarray understudies when learning English.

In Spanish the “v” sound does not exist and thusly Spanish understudies encounter issues while articulating it. Extremely/Bery Vowel/Bowel

Spanish students of the English dialect, experience issues with three fundamental English vowel sounds, to be specific, an/e/i and in addition with the consonants, h, r, j and y. The last have entirely unexpected names in Spanish.

The utilization and situating of accentuation marks are not quite the same as English and quotes are not utilized as a part of Spanish.

The phonological frameworks are essentially unique in the two dialects in regard of vowel sounds and sentence stretch. The distinctions are with the end goal that in Spanish, understudies have more trouble than other European students in acing a local English inflection.

Spanish has five unadulterated vowel sounds and five diphthongs. English has twelve unadulterated vowel sounds and eight diphthongs. It is the length of the vowel sounds which is altogether different and the most huge. As an outcome, Spanish understudies have incredible trouble in delivering English vowel sounds. They discover trouble in recognizing sounds, for example,

Sheep/Ship Cat/Cot.

In any case, the consonant sounds are less demanding for Spanish understudies despite the fact that, not without issues. The last consonant of a word tends not to be articulated.

Hard/Hart Think/Thing

It is not abnormal for a Spanish understudy to prefix words with a (é) sound.


Likewise, gulping consonant bunches is normal.

Next/Nes Instead/I – stead.

Being a phonetic dialect, there is a solid correspondence between the sound of a word and its spelling in Spanish. This shows an issue for understudies learning English, as words are not composed the way they are articulated.

Spanish is a syllable planned dialect though, English is an anxiety coordinated dialect. Understudies tend to exchange pitch designs from their local Spanish to English which brings about local English speakers having extraordinary trouble in comprehension. In communicated in English, the blend of stress, contribute and mood a sentence, is regularly smoothed by a Spanish speaker.

Numerous parts of verb linguistic use are comparative in the two dialects, albeit Spanish is all the more vigorously bent. There is no correspondence between the employments of Spanish and English tenses. The previous tense in Spanish, adjusts the thing. There is no assistant in Spanish and thusly, understudies have issues with interrogatives and negatives.

Who she saw? /I no observe him.

There are a few key contrasts amongst English and Spanish which can introduce issues for local Spanish speakers. Despite the fact that the word arrange is like English, Spanish is more adaptable and words toward the finish of a sentence have more accentuation. Understudies have a tendency to discard articles:

Do you have sister?

Mis-utilize pronouns: Where is my key?Have you seen him? Was raining today.


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