Youth Discipleship – Teach Them to Fish

One of the perils in youth discipleship is that the understudy your identity in a discipleship relationship will turn out to be excessively reliant on you. While you do need them to seek you for help, direction, and advice, sooner or later they should figure out how to develop profoundly alone and furthermore how to pupil another person. The most ideal way I know to clarify this is the old adage about angling. “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day yet educate a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.” In this article we will talk about the best practice for instructing your understudies to angle for themselves so they can achieve their maximum capacity as adherents of Christ.

1. Be understanding – Youth discipleship is a long procedure. Looking at this logically, Jesus put resources into His pupils for a long time they still scarcely comprehended toward the end what was happening. So yes we need to move our understudies towards getting things done without anyone else, however it doesn’t need to occur over night. Give things some time and sit tight for the correct minute to break them out “all alone.”

2. Attempt to give them a chance to go to the acknowledgment all alone – As an educator the enticement is to dependably give your understudies the responses to every one of the inquiries. Be that as it may, more often than not discovering that sticks with understudies and keeps going, happens when understudies discover answers for themselves. This is certainly the case in the discourse we are having today. It is one thing to advise understudies that they have to develop and in the end learn for themselves yet it is something else in the event that they make sense of that fact for themselves. So attempt to lead your understudies for reality however let them go to the appropriate responses all alone.

3. Utilize insight – Each circumstance is extraordinary. A few understudies will require longer to create and develop in their confidence than others. Some will require you to demonstrate to them the appropriate responses. A few understudies may require you to get extreme on them with the goal that they will get up and begin carrying on with the Christian life. Accordingly you should implore and look for God’s intelligence and utilize the acumen that God has given every one of us so you can best deal with each circumstance.

Youth discipleship is a long procedure yet the objective is that your understudies would turn out to be completely creating devotees of Christ and go out and train others. Ideally these tips will enable you in making this to end up noticeably a reality for the understudies you educate.


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